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Thread: Finaplex?

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    What do you all think about finaplex? Im getting ready to cycle again & im going to try finaplex & sustanon 250. Im cool with the sust but the finaplex im kind of worried about. What kind of side effect have you all gotten from taking it? Did you get good gains? I read all about it, & it seems really toxic but the gains are to be really good. Just checking what you all think about finaplex? Also is finaplex the same as finaject? From what I read it sounds the same, just one you can inject and one you cant.

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    Finaplix is trenbolone acetate, a progestinic anabolic -androgenic steroid . Parabolon was also trenbolone, a well known drug while it was still being manufactured. Really, the most common way to get Parabolan (trenbolone) today is making tren from Finaplix. Why do you think it is so toxic? Its biggest con is it is a highly androgenic substance, which can aggrevate benign prostate hypertrophy, male pattern baldness, aggression, ... and so on...

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    Tren gets alot of people raging, as much as you people say roid rage is a myth. The facts speak, Tren gets you aggressive.

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