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    Read this crock of S**t

    Steroids May Alter Aggression Area of Brain

    Anabolic Steroids in Adolescence Can Affect Behavior Later

    By Jeanie Lerche Davis
    WebMD Medical News Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD
    on Wednesday, November 26, 2003

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    Nov. 26, 2003 -- You've read the news: High-profile athletes are caught using illegal anabolic steroids . Now, a study shows that players pay a lengthy price -- their aggressive tendencies may be ramped-up long after they quit using steroids.

    The report appears in the current issue of the journal Hormones and Behavior.

    In the past 10 years, illegal use of anabolic steroids has risen among adolescents -- reaching near-epidemic proportions, writes lead researcher Jill M. Grimes, a behavioral psychologist with Northeastern University in Boston.

    An estimated 500,000 or more eighth to 10th graders across the country use anabolic steroids every year -- and that number steadily increases every year. In fact, the numbers have doubled in four years: 2% of 10th grade boys used steroids in 1996; by 2000, that number jumped to 4%, Grimes reports.

    This pattern of abuse is of particular interest because steroid use during adolescence is linked with more frequent and heavier use later in life -- despite the physical and psychological problems that anabolic steroids cause, including aggressive behavior, she writes.

    Her studies have shown that hamsters given daily, high doses of anabolic steroids throughout adolescent development were more overtly aggressive in their interactions with other hamsters -- especially if they were not used to dealing with other hamsters.

    This suggests that anabolic steroids used during adolescence stimulate aggression, possibly by affecting the activity of brain circuits that regulate this behavior, writes Grimes.

    Embattled Hamsters

    In this current study, she gave six preadolescent male hamsters daily injections of steroids for 30 days. The doses mimicked a "heavy use" regimen that an adolescent athlete might follow.

    She picked six hamsters with low-aggression tendencies to be "intruder" hamsters; they got no steroid injections.

    After the 30 days were up, she then put one "intruder" hamster in the "steroid-hamsters" cage -- then watched their behavior. She also noted number of attacks and bites, including wild pursuits, lunges, and "cornering" with intent to bite. Each test lasted 10 minutes.

    As her previous tests have shown, animals treated with anabolic steroids were significantly more aggressive -- making more attacks and bites than their littermates.

    One-half of the steroid-treated hamsters scored more than 20 total attacks. They were also quicker to attack, and stayed at it longer.
    One-half of the untreated hamsters scored less than five attacks on their opponents.
    A test of their brain chemistry showed significant changes in some -- but not all -- brain centers involved with aggressive behavior.

    Daily steroid use may trigger aggression by altering brain activity, she explains. But with drug therapy, it's possible to decrease that aggression, as has been shown in studies of rats and squirrel monkeys.

    Also, her study suggests that anabolic steroids affect each child's brain differently, she adds.

    Together with her previous studies, there is important evidence here linking adolescent use of anabolic steroids and aggression -- at least in hamsters, writes Grimes. More studies are needed to ferret out the effects on adolescent humans.


    SOURCE: Grimes, J. Hormones and Behavior, Nov. 2003; vol 44: pp 271-280.

    © 2003 WebMD Inc. All rights reserved.

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    Some of that could be true for human preadolescent kids.
    Thats why its generally accepted that teens shouldn't use steriods until everything is fully developed including the brain.
    Lets look at wild animals who mate only once per year. When the females go into heat the males testosterone begins sky rocketing. This leads to fights and major aggresion and short temperment of other males.

    The report above is somewhat flawed. It begins with a statement "Anabolic Steroids in Adolescence Can Affect Behavior Later" I don't see anywhere where she put an intruder hamster in the cage after the steroids half life was done so she basically got the results she wanted by putting the intruder in right away. What did she think was going to happen?

    So in reality the report is somewhat moot imo. The injected hamster had every right to use the testo to its advantage because the cage was its home and he was forced to deal with an intruder. Heck, don't our U.S. friends just shoot people breaking into there home test or no test?..lmao.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MachZ
    Heck, don't our U.S. friends just shoot people breaking into there home test or no test?..lmao.
    ....and hopefully we don't miss

    intersting article, but I agree with Mach, Scientist can rig the test to produce whatever results they want. I do agree that some people are assholes before going on gear, then use the juice as an excuse for their behavior.

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    10th grade? i dont think so...10th grade is 14-15 year olds, 12th grade, i can believe that, but not 10th

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    They are basing conclusions on an already predetermined stigma. I sense the strong prevalence of bias. The protocols outlined can hardly be applied to the general bodybuilding population. The author starts out listing epidemiological statistics, then moves to aggression in hamsters. A weak link there. The last paragraph negates any serious consideration on the part of a true non-biased educated individual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ph34rsh4ck
    10th grade? i dont think so...10th grade is 14-15 year olds, 12th grade, i can believe that, but not 10th
    agree, 10th graders (don't think so).....they have a hard enough time scoring alcohol let alone juice

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    Not so bright to use this on creatures with less developed brains which are run completely by the primitive parts of the brain. Dominance is much more noticable in animals, they can detect hormones and change behaviour just by the scents the other animal release.

    Just look at cats that are not neutered, they bitch as hell due the testosterone levels and attack neuters and females.

    I bet its as usual another "sponsored" doctor who's research fund is coming from some anti-steroid organization.

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    i like the fact that she needs more tests to "ferret" out more solid results......

    any time you throw an animal not of the same litter into a group "of" the same litter, bad things are gonna happen. this animal isnt part of the core group, and more than likely is gonna get his(or her) ass kicked every time.......

    peace I4L

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