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Thread: first cycle

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    Question first cycle

    I need to know what I should stack with d-bol. But I don't want to stack alot of things together maybe just one thing like deca or test. I want to know how much of each to use, how long, and what to use after.

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    Swellin Guest
    Please try and do some reading in the educational thread. It will be of paramount importance to you during your cycle.

    There is also a thread about how to get you question it too.

    Having said that, I'll give you a little info to get you started....We always need to know your age, wt, ht, training experience, and order to give tou the best recommendation.

    If you are not at least 25, I would recommend staying the hell away from AAS.

    All cycles use test. First cycles use test only...maybe test/deca ...test/eq...test/d-bol.

    Research some of this stuff and then come back with a better layout, and a cycle suggestion.

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    and thats all there is to say about that

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    I agree with swellin thing most people overlook is a great diet plan,this will make or break your cycle.Read up before you jump in bro.


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    ill answer you. if your on a first cycle many people recomend standard 10 weeks cycle of Test E 500mg/week. If you were going to throw in the d bols do 30mg a day for first 4 weeks split them throughout the day. Hope that is what you were looking for

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    good post swellin

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