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Thread: size difference

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    size difference

    Ive heard from most people on AS that usually their back, traps and legs usually blow up more than chest and such. Has anyone seen it reverse with their arms, chest, and traps blowing up instead?

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    Well obviously your legs and back are the bigest muscles so there going to get biger faster! the proportion of the rest might be the same but if you get 10% biger on all your parts there is going to be a hell of a lot more muscle on on your legs than your arms...

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    the gear will ecentuate your genetic pre disposition if you had chicken legs before your cycle and big shouders its not going to suddenly make your legs tree trunks and your shoulders remain the same -my arms ands back get massive quik i dont really do those body parts anymore my most stuborn are my calves and traps so i wish i was takin what you are

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