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Thread: fat burning?

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    fat burning?

    Hello everyone, yes I am a newbie, and after many hours of reading in the educational threads I realized just how much of a newbie I am, I had no f***ing clue what most of those were about. I did steroids for a cycle in high school but I had no idea there was so much too it, so I apologize for my ignorance! I'm just wondering if there is a good drug for fat burning, I've tried everything legal, and yes that includes lots of exercise, trust me I'm a Marine I do my share of all that. but I can't loose my gut, well ok not completely true I lost about 30 lbs. but then I came to a stand still and have been there ever since, and I know that muscle tissue weighs more than fat, and its not that. the thing is that I have a large deposit of fat that is very noticable, but my fitness scores in the Marine Corps are very high so its not that I'm weak or dont try (cause God have I ever, as if I had a choice in the Corps right.) So my question is this what do you recommend, I seriously don't care what it is as long as it works and doesn't kill me in the proccess; pill, injectable, you tell me, I can't afford a lipo, but I do have money so let me know what and what it usually costs!! p.s. I'm not asking for a source just info!
    Semper Fi

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    Sorry..nothing really burns fat besides your diet. I wish they did or Id take em and eat mcdonalds every day.

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    i've done this a few times, what's happening now, is that your body is fighting against you to keep losing fat, your body is actually designed to store as much fat as possible, so when you diet, your body responds by slowing down your metabolism, so now you've reached the point of diminishing returns w/ dieting and cardio, so all is lost right, well what you can do is turn it into a bulking period, don't go crazy and start eating 5000 cals a day, but stop doing so much cardio and start lifting hard and heavy, train like a powerlifter to pack on as much lean mass as you can, when you do that, you'll raise your metabolism again by putting on more muscle, once you get to the point where you platue your strength gains for a while, start your diet and cardio again, i don't know if you can even do this being in the marines, but it has worked great for me in the past

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    Hey bro,
    Welcome to AR.

    A few of the guys here have had some success with Clen . Perhaps you could try that.

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    diet and cardio are the keys to burining fat, something like clen will aid in the process...make sure your diet and cardio are in check before using any fat burning supplements

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    Try a clen /T3 stack along with some test....i bet u will love the results peace fuller

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    cardio fat burn and sick diet, you'll loose whatever you want!

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