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    Equipose vs Test Prop as 1st Cyc

    After advice from some on the board, I'm considering Test Prop as my first cycle. Do you think Equipose would be a good 1st cycle instead?

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    I would reccomend a test for your first cycle and a long acting ester one at that. Equipose is not gonna do anything amazing for you on it's own and prop is mainly used to kickstart because of its fast action, and short half life. I suggest you run something like test enth or cyp, there are a lot of good first cycles on this board search around.

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    no... take some sort of test as fudge said. Prop is good if you dont mind the ED injections. enan or cyp would only have to be injected twice a week instead. run between 300-500mg a week. also donr forget PCT

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    If you had to do only one of the Two of course test. Test should be the foundation of any cycle. I would go with a longer lasting test like cyp or enanthat. Since this is your first cycle you probably do not want to be poking yourself eod. I would run the test at 500mg/week. some people say that first timers should only use test I think test works best when stacked with deca or EQ. Since you are only doing one or the other TEST.

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    you def wanna run some sort of a test for a first cycle...prop is great, but frequent injections may not be what you want to do since its your first time, so you may want to go with cyp or enan...also you could save the eq for your next cycle so you can see how your body reacts to just test...

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