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Thread: first cycle...

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    Cool first cycle...

    Hi there...

    i wanna start by saying thanx to the friendly guys in here who help beginners like me a lot!!

    I'm new to as and i'm planning my first cycle.
    i want to gain bout 15-20lbs with the following gear:

    8 weeks with deca400mg + sust250mg

    of course i'm gonna use clomid at the end but what about
    nolva and provion? you advise to many in here is just to wait until gyno appears and the use the anti e's then. i don't like that coz i'm very afraid of side effects. can't i just use anti-e's all 8 weeks or will it weaken the as too much? and at last do i need both nolva and proviron as anti-e's? (i want it to be 100% safe, or as safe it can be

    thanx again guys!!

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    If you are going to use nolvadex you should wait until signs of gyno appear because nolva could hinder your gains. If you want to run something all the way through your cycle...get arimidex and run it at .25mg/day...if by chance gyno starts to rear it's ugly head, up the dosage to .50mg/day....liquidex is also good.

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    I,d agree with Pete Liquidex is cheaper though but don,t use the Nolv unless you have to

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    Hey bro i am with you on Gyno it scares me to death too. I think with your cycle you should be fine 250mg/test and 400mg of Deca is unlikely to give you any negative sides. Keep some Nolvadex around just incase you get sore nips then fire them up at 20mg/day. Since this is your first cycle i think you should be able to gain 15lbs if your diet and training is there. You wont need proviron , and arimidex is to damn expensive, so go with nolva or liquidex even though i think youll be fine. Good luck

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    I think you should run the sus and deca for atleast 10weeks,
    because there both long acting asters, they won't kick in until your half way through your cycle, and I would through in some d-bol for the first 4weeks JMO.

    And you won't likely need nolva with that low dosing, but keep it on hand just incase.

    Welcome aboard BTW!

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