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    newb with a question

    i'm doin my first cycle of sust...250 mg every 5 days.... and i will be finishing around the end of february....i am then planning on taking question is that since the clomid will help restore my testosterone level, will it also help me pass a possible drug test i will prob get around the end of april??? the test is the one given to college athletes that tests the urine for abnormal testosterone levels and i think that all.....if this is a dumb question i'm sorry...juss figured i'd ask cuz i was interested...thanks for the help

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    No, clomid wont help you beat a pisser.

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    no clomid will do nothing to help you pass a drug test... it will only get your test and hpta functions back to normal as quick as possible...

    i think sust stays in your system for around 3 months... good luck bro

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    Pumped, Im not sure if sust is the best drug for taking if youre going to be tested for sports. Even getting tested that close after your last administration. I would suggest posting another thread asking for advice on this. I would suggest a much cleaner AS. There are some esters in sust that linger around longer that 2 months bro and might get picked up. Also, your administrating the sustanon cycle to far apart to get the best of all four esters of the sustanon. I have a link in my signature you might want to read on sustanon cycles.

    Good luck. LMR

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