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    d-bol and pain.....


    Took d-bol only for a week after being on Primoteston cycle for 8 weeks. Felt awesome for awhile. I have taken before and each time I get pain so bad in lowerback/hip that I am out for a week before I am good. I asharp pain when I turn corners or roll over in bed. Like a dumbass I try again and sure enough same ****. Stopped on Fri. and been in pain since. I drink gallon and half water, eat well, cardio, train, sleep good. Only d-bol does this to me and wonder why? Taken halo, winni tabs, var with no probs. Anyone know why or can relate? Thanks for the time. ( BTW I have lost 8 pds since stopped Fri. d-bol, obviously water and my moon face is gone).


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    just depends, dbals give me the worst headaches (pink ones)

    the white ones worked great,,,,

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    hmm that sux bro my thai pinkies are treatin me like gooood

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    Could be pain from your liver I guess...I get a wicked back pump from dbol ..

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    Bro those signs are a 100% liver pain signs..... the **** ur takin is pretty toxic so it does make sense... take it easy huh

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