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    Question needing expertize

    I have been lifting for a few years, and have made sustancial gains naturally. The area I live in is almost impossible to find muscle enhancements but I did locate a little sus and dec. I can not find d-bol or anadrol or I would be there too. Im 6 weeks into a 12 week cycle, and I have only gained 5 pnds. I eat 4 huge meals aday and drink two shakes a day (nitro tech) also using (cell-tech) twice aday. I have two friends that also started the same cycle I did and both have made nice gains of up to 15-20 pounds, but I have not. Im up to 500mg of sus, and 400 mg of dec! Am I just being impatient or is there something else I should do? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    well, if your routine is up to par, and your diet, then you should have seen better gains than that. whats your stats?

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    You say your 6 weeks in and with sust and deca it could take around 4 weeks to see gains. But you said your up to 500mg sust and 400 deca. What did you start at. You might have been taking a to low of dose the first few weeks so maybe its just starting to kick in now.

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