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    Slice it off like butter???

    I'm looking for some advice on a 2nd cycle. Just ended first cycle of a total of 20cc Decca 300 and 10cc of Trenbolone . I'm looking for a major cutting cycle now. What gear compliments other gear? How many weeks should cycle be? Is it a good idea to add B-12 inj. to this cycle?
    Appreciate all the help?


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    There is not such think as a major cutting cycle bro
    There is gear that can help you cut T3, clen , and DNP
    but if your diet isn't in key than you won't see the results you expect
    try running a test prop 100mg EOD (water retention to a minimum) 1-8
    clen and xena (rotating) 2 weeks on 2 weeks off
    throw in some winstrol or fina 6-12 EOD
    follow with clomid
    in my opinon this cycle should work fine

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