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    The Rink!!

    winny and prop cycle how does this look???

    I am planning on doing a Winny 100mg/ml and Prop 100mg/ml cycle. It will go like this....

    mon, tues, thurs, friday 1cc of winny 100mg/ml
    every third day 100mg prop.

    stats 5'11" 185lbs 12% bf

    finishing cycle off with clomid week 1 100mg/day, week 2 50mg/day and week 3 50mg/day

    also will be taking clen syrup near the end of the cycle. and continueing after cycle has completed.

    the whole cycle will last 10 weeks. Will be taking Nolvadex if and symptoms of gyno arise at 10mg/day.

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    Looks fine bro. Keep your diet on point and that should harden you up

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    Shoot the prop at least eod, not every third, I have gotten MUCH better results that way.

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    Ya! I'm with kizer, take the prop eod atleast, but ED would be best!
    And the clomid: 300mgs 1st day, then 100mgs for 10 days, then 50mgs for 10 days!

    Let us know how it goes SHREDZ!


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