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    Nolvadex vs. Arimidex

    I know that Arimidex is much more effective anti-estrogen drug than nolvadex . My question is based on the results from using them, how they compare to eachother. Like does a 1/2 tab of arimidex give the same effect as 10mg, 20mg, 30mg or whatever of Nolvadex. Just trying to find a better deal. and does anyone know how good that Fluidex is?

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    you really cant compare nolva to arimidex ...(different activity)

    nolva- blocks estrogen from receptor....
    arimidex-stops conversion to estrogen....

    fluidex is a great product, and is alot cheaper to use than tabs of arimidex.....if i ever run out of arimidex, im switching to fluidex...

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