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Thread: Cycle question!

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    Cycle question!

    A buddy of mine just gave me some stuff to take, but not sure what to take and how much. This is my first cycle. Been lifting for over 8 years. I am 29 years old 5'9" 195lbs. BF about 12% Here is the list:

    100 tabs of Dbol .
    2 bottles of Deca ( 200ML )
    20 vials of Omnadren ( 250 mg I think )
    50 tabs of Clen
    30 tabs of Clomid
    and some T3

    Can I do anything with this? If so what...besides throw it away LOL.


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    First off the best advice I can give you is to do some research. Educate yourself on these different steriods , anti's, clen ,t3 etc.
    Best place to start is the edu forums, because there's alot more to AS then just filling the needle up and shooting.
    Decide what your goal is then go from there.

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    Assuming the d-bol are 5mg tabs, and the clomid are 50mg, here's what I might do...

    1-4 25mg d-bol ed
    1-10 500mg omnadren (split shots on Mon and Thurs)
    week 13 begin clomid PCT

    I'd save the rest for a later cycle. If any of this looks foriegn to you, you may need to do a little more research before starting anything at all.


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