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    i started sustanon from 3 weeks i feel it started to do something at the same time i can't find if any more in any pharmacie i must stop it for about 2 weeks or something will i start all over again
    any advice u give me???

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    Huh? Im a little confussed with your question but depending where you live, I really doubt your gonna find any at any pharmecy unless your talkin about that online ripp off site called something like pharma something but I may be understanding your question wrong so maybe someone else can help that understands it better.

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    I assume you live outside the US where it's legal to buy steroids from pharmacies. You should have all AS and ancillaries before starting your cycle. Unless you can find a way to get more SUS and find enough to finish the cycle, then I would end this cycle and start PCT 3 weeks from the last injection. Next time have everything before starting.... JMO

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