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Thread: Just a question

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    Just a question

    Hey i was wondering if someone could help me out. I am on my 3rd injection of sustanon 250 and today was my third hit of this cycle and it didn't feel right. I did my business gettting the air out and then put it in then realized when i pulled back on the chamber it looked as if i was sucking out air so i pulled it out and pushed that **** out and put it back in and then it sorta did it again so i just injected it anyway. I felt really weird after.. nothing i have ever felt before, could it possibly be all in my head? if someone could let me know what happened and suggest more things to me for future reference that would be great! thanks

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    hey bro it is normal when you pull back like that for air to appear in the chamber, it happens to me all the time air bubble usually appear and disappear as soon as i stop pulling out, it is all in your head just my personal thought bro your straight

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    When you aspirate , if the pin is not stuck in a vein, you will get air. This is normal. It means you are clear to go ahead and inject without worrying about injecting into your bloodstream. Looks like you did everything right, although there is no need to pull out after getting the air in the syringe. Just push it back into the muscle.

    As for the effects you are feeling, it is most likely in your head.


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    thanks guys

    hey thanks guys i taked to a buddy of mine and he said the same as you its all in the head. But its nice to get more opinions, it isn;t my first time doing this either so i found it to be weird. But thanks guys.

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