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    May 2003

    My 2nd cycle.....

    my first cycle was a 6 weeks long with 50mg winny tabs taken daily...
    I am 6'1,197 lbs, 13-14 bf, been lifting about 4 years...

    the cycle i am proposing is below
    200 mg a week primobolan depot weeks 1-10
    50 mg daily of anavar tabs weejs 1-10

    My goal is to get as lean as i can get while gaining a few pounds of muscle in the process. This will be my first cycle injecting, so that scares me but i guess i have to do it some time, why not start now

    Everynoe please feel free to help me with dosages or suggestions, or comments if you have used primo or var tabs...i appreciate it

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    fudgedelic is offline Associate Member
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    Aug 2003
    I have used var and 50 mg at 10 weeks seems kinda high and long, 40 mg for 7 weeks or so would be better in my opinion. But you'll love the var, great recovery, awesome strentgh, and muscle hardness.

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    I would definitely go with some Test.. Also, I wouldn't run VAR for 10 weeks. I'd do 6 weeks.
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    kkrausz is offline Junior Member
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    May 2003
    Come on guys help me out here with anything you got.....

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    Forget both, run test @ 250mg E4D
    .25mg L-dex +10mg Nolva ED

    Nolva/clomid for PCT

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