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    Question Okay, so I went back to the drawing board what do you think

    Okay, so I went back to the drawing board, after many request. thanks for anyone that helps me in fixing these cycle, I have attached 3 cycles tell me what you think, yes/no scrap it, or what, any help would be great....

    This forum kicks ass!
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    why do you insist on only running a test for 6 weeks max ?? one is for 4, and the other is for 5

    if you want to lower your cost, get liquidex instead of arimidex . you can get liquidex from many chemical research sites.

    your d-bol should be used in the beginning as a jumpstart like you have anadrol - pick one or the other, but no need is using both.

    no need to pyramid any of the items either. run them at a constant level.

    what cycle # is this for you ???
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    Thank you KeyMastur.

    Hollywood, Iíve told you this already.
    My word isnít law, but Iím not trying to steer you wrong. You can check my advice with other members but youíre barely accepting it.

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    Doc is a stand up bro, and knows his ****. Listen to him. I don't know your backround with AS or if you've ever cycled before, but if you haven't then I'd strongly suggest a Test only cycle. No need for all the compounds

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    Don't run orals back to back. Run the test for the entire length of the cycle and don't taper the doses. Test should always be the "base" of your cycle. Cycle 1 is the only one I bothered to open, but from that one, you should pick either Primobolan or Deca and just run one, not both. Unless you want to run the Deca for 8 weeks, and then switch to Primobolan to lean out near the end of the cycle. If that's the case, use winny along with it at the end. Sounds like the others have already told you what you should be doing. Listen to 'em. They know what they are talking about.

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    Dianabol and androlic run back to back?Your liver wont like that bro use one or the other.

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