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Thread: Winny/EQ Cycle

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    Winny/EQ Cycle

    Whats cookin guys, Im about to start this cycle in a week and finish it before I go to Acapulco for spring break, I was Wondering what you guys think of this combo, and how you would do it, Im also gonna throw like 200 of test in a week to keep the you know what up....Im 6'2' about 190lbs......Thanks for any imput!

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    Bump the test up to at least 300grams a week. I believe their was a study posted not too long ago showing that full androgenic effects of test are only realized at or above 300 grams a week. Besides that, what does the rest of the cycle look like? Its tough to comment on a cycle without knowing the dosages.


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    Everyday 50mg of WINNY
    Once a Week 500 of EQ
    Once a Week 200 of TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE ( I could do 300, but im not really doing it for the gains as much, Im doing it so I can still get hard and what not, because I know without it you loose it....
    I will prob through some Clen into the cycle somewhere along the lines.

    and I already have all the proper anti's if needed....

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