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    Question 1st Cycle Thoughts

    Reading over the past few weeks I have come across some articles that have sparked my interest. Particularly those regarding PCT and getting you back to being yourself (producing natural testosterone ). Here is what my cycle looks like:

    1-3 Test prop 75mg eod
    1-10 Test E 350mg/week
    10-12 Test prop 75mg eod
    1-12 Nolva 10mg ed
    PCT clomid/nolva

    When would you start and how much HCG would you use for this cycle?
    When would you stop, and would you taper down?
    Are there any serious sides I should be concerned about with using HCG?
    Would it be beneficial to invest in some Armidex? To just have it on had in case gyno symptoms occurred, or to take it everyday along w/ the nolva? I understand there to be some sides w/ how things function “down there”. Thanks for you help.

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    No need for HCG at all in that cycle.

    Have enough nolvadex on hand to run 20mg each day just in case. Also do not stop the nolva between the end of your cycle and start of pct. It should be ran at 20mg from the last shot to the end of PCT.

    You won’t need arimidex . Nolva will be fine.


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    How old are you and how many cycles have you done?

    If its your first cycle just run 400mgs of Test Eth along with the anti-e's for 10 weeks. Followed by post cycle therapy of course.


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