i read a post a couple days ago in which a member asked the forum who all runs nolva through out their cycle(s). well, those of you who replied; know that most of you said that you run nolva through-out the duration of your cycles (as a means to reduce bloat- and keep the all fearing signs of gyno away)..
well, i didnt reply until now because i went back and reread a lot of threads concerning the same topic (the same material that lead me to the decision not to use nolva through-out)...
anyhow- not to long ago, most members of the board suggested not to use nolva through-out a cycle (unless you have a predisposition for gyno).. saying that it doesnt have any function during a cycle other than the obvious i.e. bloat & gyno... and many more went on to say that reducing the bloat could possibly hinder the gains because the water weight assist with your training????
are there any other opinions out there?