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    cutting cycle for fina?

    heres the deal... i am currently doing a a cycle of sustanon for 10 weeks at 500 mgs a week(inject twice a week)......
    ...i want to run a cutting cycle in the spring and am starting to plan for it but am confused because of so many different opinions
    - i have been looking at running eq. with some test for 8 weeks but i am not sure cuz all of this is unclear
    -fina is another idea for six weeks and runnin test for 8 with it but ive heard that fina isnt good unless uve had a few cycles under the belt...

    -what are ur suggestions on a good cutting cycle....kinds, dosages, duration .... i want to try and keep the amount of different AS's used to a minimum thanx

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    do you want light (just shed some pounds)
    or heavy, (contest prep, maybe gain some muscle in the process)

    for a regular light cycle i would just do winny for about 4 weeks with a stimulant. the stimulant to curb apetite so you dont eat much and winny to preserve muscle while on low calorie diet and elevate your body temp to burn a few calories keep strenght up. you can keep adding all you want to it, but thats a basic cycle that wont cost anything and dice you up with minimum side effects and youll have a few bucks left in your pocket to spend on some good quality food or your next bulker

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    just a light cycle... i know cardio and diet are important but i dont want to lose gians/muscle while cutting....
    what about doses for that? ED or EOD

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