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Thread: deca and M1T

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    deca and M1T

    i have taken EQ and winny's together b4 but have never taken deca (QV 300mg). I wanted to know if deca would be good to stack with a legal substance such as M1T ( which will prob. be illegal soon enough). Also I wanted to know some of the side effects of deca (eg.-hair loss, acne???)

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    No bro, I was going to the same, I do not think it is a good idea to stack Deca and M1T, first I like to mention i tried M1T by itself and sides are not pleasant at all, plus it is very toxic to the liver I'd say more than Dbol , remenber Methyltestosterone ? I am not saying they are the same because they are not , M1T does not aromatize(so far)but is as toxic as MethylTest. My honest advice is for you to stack it with any type of test preferebly long acting and somewhere around 500mg a week, you can go as low as 250mg if you like it all depends on your goals and body chemistry anyways. This is just MHO.

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    yup m-1-t has my back tightened up like you wouldnt believe/ ONly thing that feels ok is sitting in my chair. I almost have to run to go to bathroom or whatever so as to make the trip shorter. I am going to drop dosage down to 10mg a day and see how that works

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