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    advice on advice

    I am 22 years old and this is my 1st cycle, I was looking for some advice on this advice I got from someone on HCG use, it seems that people have varying opinions on weather it is needed in the cycle or not. Just wanted to see what you guys thought.

    "It is helpful for the pct part,hcg also has other health benefits due to it restoring natural testes size.It also seems to help harden up myself and when you use say 500iu 3x per week during cycle with arimidex you will have no issues at all. When you start PCT your body is already receptive to the clomid so it will have more impact. Nolva i would not do unless i see signs of gyno cuz it can inhibit estrogen and you need some estrogen from your anabolics.I think 500iu (3x per week)of HCG during your cycle is a wise move along with arimidex,all your gains will be muscle/quality weight not water bloat."

    1-3 Test prop 75mg eod
    1-10 Test E 350mg/week
    10-12 Test prop 75mg eod
    1-12 Nolva 10mg ed
    PCT clomid/nolva

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    Disagree that HCG is good for PCT.

    What you have laid out is good.

    Now, I would say that HCG is to be used when the HPTA has been suppressed for long periods of time and the testicles can atrophy. Any long cycle, and long cycle with harsh compounds like trenbolone and deca will call for the aid of HCG.

    What you have you won’t need it.



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