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    What Am I Doing??

    Hey fellas

    I'm 21 and been training for 5 years, I've done 1 Deca /Test cycle. I did all my research, had everything (anti-estrogens etc Nolva, Clomid, Proviron etc) and did everything diet/training right.

    After PCT I kept 16lbs of lean mass and I gained only 1%bf. I was very pleased with my gains.

    However, after 6 months of being clean, I've started to put my next cycle together (Test Prop, Tren , Winny) and I've started to think is this the start of abuse?

    Don't get me wrong, I had no newbie illusions like "I'm only gonna do 1 cycle". I knew that no-one stops at 1 cycle but I'm wondering if I'm becoming psychologically addicted to steroids .

    I'm not a bodybuilder, I have no aspirations to be 250lbs. I'm happy at 180lbs and all I want is to get into the 10-12% bf region.

    Having said that, am I simply justifying another cycle? Will I find other reasons to run another?

    Please no flames, observations are welcome.

    Cheers, Rugby-Jock

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    Everyone wants to be the best they can but if your happy at your present 180lbs and only want to loose some body fat that you can do with proper diet and excercise then maybe "yes" your depending on the gear to much.
    Good topic, I'll bump for more response.

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    Work on diet and cardio. Gear wont rip you up its diet and cardio. If you have concerns than dont do it only you can make that decision

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    Your goals will change again once you acheive the ones that you already have set. Then you will probobly be justifing another cycle.

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