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  1. Illium Enanthate ?

    anyone ever used Illium Enanthate form Troy labs Australia? I have never heard of this and was just wondering if anyone had used this or any of their other products

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    I have some of it, but have never used it. Some others I have talked to have used it and said it was good, but I'm still skeptical about it. I'm pretty sure Illium didn't make it, or at least they don't sell it commercially.

    There are some pics of it somewhere in the steroid pictures forum.


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    troy lab 88 long street smithfield know the place well ,make great boldabol-h 50ml .they dont make test enanthate im fairly sure if they do it would be good very reputable company in oz

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    I have heard of troy labs.... i think it maybe from the Ilium Stanzolol.... unsure about the test E though... good luck

  5. pretty sure this source is sound, Illium is the best deal for the $ thats why I'm considering it. Upjohn and Denkall are a little pricey from this source, QV's not bad price wise, but hearing alot of complaints on underdosing and injection pain, so on.

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