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    which test is most prefered

    I'm putting a cycle together and am trying to decide on which brand of test to use. I have access to QV, Upjohn (cyp), Troy labs, and denkall cypio-test. there are others, but these are the ones I'm considering. I'v heard mixed referrals on QV. Thats what I was planning to use, but am now rethinking. this will be my first real cycle so I have no personal experience. appreciate any help!

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    go with the Upjohn. Cypionate is a good ester for a first cycle.

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    I've used QV and have no complaints. Have buddies that got their hands on UpJohn Cyp and said results were fantastic compared to QV, but I can't personally comment on Upjohn.

    Good luck on your cycle

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    stick with upjohn, i personally think that qv is mexican dirt water but that is just bcause i got a infection from it.

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