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Thread: nolva

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    where abouce in a 3 month cycle would you take nolva to stop ya getting bitch tits?
    do u think theres much chance in getting bitch tits when taking
    deca 300mg 9 weeks
    d-bol 25mg/day 7 weeks
    clomid last 3 weeks
    (my first cycle)
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    you staret to take it when your nippled start to get itchy and sore...

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    Highly highly doubt you will experience any gyno from such a mild cycle. But always have nolva, but at those doses i think you go more threat from prog. gyno than estro. related.

    Everyone reacts different.

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    I would,nt run the d-bol for 7 weeks not on your first cycle and I hope you have some liver de-toxens like Milk thistle.Have a read through previous members results you may find a cycle in there that will produce better results.

    IF gyno occurs you will get sore,sensitive,itchy nipples if you do take the Nolve at 20mg until symptoms subside.Then take 10mg a day until you finishe the cycle,

    Good Luck

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