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    Question about Deca and eq together

    I've searched and seen this debated a lot and suggested not to use the 2 together because they go after the same recepters. My logic on that, probably wrong, is that 400mg deca would be the same as 200mg deca and 200mg eq except i'd get the benifits of each drug....right?

    Maybe someone who understands the chemical process the bests can answer this and correct my logic.

    Also is L-dex or some other anti-estrogen a legal drug I can get from some rx website if less than a 3 month supply or should I be able to get this from my supplier?

    Thanks in advance.

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    i used to be a firm believer in that theory you just posted.
    but after seeing some really intelligent posts on the subject by billy bathgate, i have changed my tune. its so freakin simple that it makes total sense(at least to me).........

    this is his take on it(correct me if i'm wrong bb):
    that competing for the same receptor stuff is garbage. ALL aas compete for the same receptors, therefore it wouldnt be any problem to run both together, and get the benefits of both AAS.

    one thing of note though:
    deca is used primarily as a bulking drug, while eq is used as more of a cutting/hardening drug. i assume you have your reasons for running both together, but it seems kind of detrimental to me.........

    liquidex is legal to obtain as a research supplement. there are plenty of places to get these supps if you do a thorough search.

    peace I4L

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    I ran a cycle with 400mgs a week deca and 300 mgs of eq. If i could go back i would have absolutyl used test instead of eq to go with the deca. Results were solid but would have been better if i had used test.

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    I'm definitly going to run some test just debating weather or not to run 400 mg of eq e.w. with it or split that to 200mg of eq and 250mg of deca e.w. with the test for 10 weeks

    My goals are to just get a little bigger with as less waterweight as possible and stay lean and loose the little belly I've been creating and retain as much of the cycle as possible with help from the PCT.

    Should I just do a cycle of eq for 12 weeks at 300mg a week plus test enanthate ?

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