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    Need advice for upcoming cylce

    Hey everybody need some advice so please help. Here's the deal:

    It's been about 2 1/2 years now since my last cycle which had the following dosages:

    d-bol wk 1-4 @ 35mg/day
    deca wk 1-10 @ 400mg/wk
    sust wk 1-10 @ 750mg/wk

    prior to this cycle I had done a basic d-bol/deca/sust cycle about 3 yrs ago.

    So it's been a while since i've hit the juice. I need to know what kind of dosages would be best for me now taking into consideration that there has been 2 1/2 year break. I'm planning on another D-bol/deca/sust cycle due to the fact that they are really easy type of drugs for me to get. What dosages should i go for? Any help is appreciated.


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    I wouldnít go so high as 750mg of test a week again. 600mg maybe.

    If you can get enanthate or cypionate over the sust, Iíd recommend that.

    Run they cycles like youíve done before. 10 weeks at a time, tests ran higher and past the deca , dbol in the beginning. Anti estrogens on hand, and Clomid for PCT.

    Your time off from AAS isnít the factor thatís relevant though you may think itís pertinent. More importantly is your degree and commitment to lifting. If youíve been slacking all this time then you shouldnít juice up again. Assuming you havenít been lifting.


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