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    Arrow Injuries while on or off...we all get them

    This is an exact duplicate of my post at MN as my typing skills decrease in the evening so don't hold it against me....but I thought this would useful to everyone to an extent.

    Everyone gets injuries from time to time especially with the physical aspects that we exert in the gym. Now I don't always know why the hell my shoulder hurts or why my knee is tad sore after doing bicep curls and so on. Sometimes we have to visit the doctor for our injuries and for me I don't always know what the heck I'm getting into and I'd like to be able to have a decent understanding of my symtoms and diagnosis before he tells me I have "tennis elbow."

    This site is great for just you some knowledge and insight into your injury or even if your curious about something, but it's not like a real doctor so you still have to use your head to an extent.


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    i sure hate the injuries that take you out of your cycle.

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