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    would it be bad to run EQ withought pro?

    ok im 22 years old and this is my second cycle. im on week 9 all ready running
    350 prop
    400 EQ
    also did the whole dbol thing in the begining but as of now im jsut runin the prop and EQ. I am wondering if it would be ok to stop the prop at week 12 and run the EQ and winni together.
    I am starting winni at week 10 with the prop and EQ so would it be ok to run the EQ and winni for say 5 weeks together? please get back to me

    5' 7"
    about 10 percent body fat but that will all change shortly

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    im havin a little trouble understanding what you are saying would you please map out the whole cycle week by week what you are planning, then i might be able to be of some more help.

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    Like TestFreak, I'm thinking it would be easier to get what you're saying with a more conventional layout. However, the foundation of what you're asking, "can I run eq past the prop", is pretty clear. While you certainly *can* I don't know that it's advisable. While somewhat more rare than Deca dick and the associated crash of running deca alone, similar effects have been reported (albeit slightly more mild...though there nonetheless) with eq alone.

    So now, the question becomes, are you toying with this idea out of necessity (ie, running out of prop), or is this a planned schema through which you hope to take advantage of one thing or another?

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    thanks for the comments ill post my whole cycle later tonight but i was planning on running it that way to answer big greens question. unless u dont thinkit would be wise to thanks guys ill get back to ya

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