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    Pedey's 10 week cycle

    Deca - 300Mg per week for 10 weeks
    Sustanon - 250Mg every 5 days for 10 weeks
    Clomid - 2.5 weeks after last injection. Clomid 100Mg for 14 days, then 50Mg for 7 days.

    21yrs. 6'4" 226lbs. 15% Body Fat on digital BF scale.

    Day 1 - Chest/Back
    Day 2 - Biceps/Triceps/Calves
    Day 3 - Shoulders/Forearms
    Day 4 - Thighs/Calves
    Abs before every workout

    2 week rotational schedual
    Monday - Day 1 - Chest/Back
    Tuesday - Day 2 - Biceps/Triceps/Calves
    Wednesday - Day 3 - Shoulders/Forearms
    Thursday - Day 4 - Thighs/Calves
    Friday - Day 1 - Chest/Back
    Saturday - Day 2 - Biceps/Triceps/Calves
    Sunday - OFF
    Monday - Day 3 - Shoulders/Forearms
    Tuesday - Day 4 - Thighs/Calves
    Wednesday - Day 1 - Chest/Back
    Thursday - Day 2 - Biceps/Triceps/Calves
    Friday - Day 3 - Shoulders/Forearms
    Saturday - Thighs/Calves
    Sunday OFF

    Cardio three times per week in morning. 2.5 mile run outdoors with hills or 30 mins stair climber with HR@70-85%

    300g protein per day
    As Many calories as I can get in my mouth
    Very few greesey foods
    4 meals
    2 shakes
    1 weight gainer shake
    lots of water

    Started today. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    Deca 400mg...sus 500mg aweek....Clomid day 1 300mg 100mg for 10 days and 50mg for 10 days....

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    Im going with a bit of a lower dose on the sust and deca because I feel i can make great gains at the lower dose, and why go to a higher dose until you need to right?

    Any more comments on the diet, workout or cycle?

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    I think for your age the cycle is OK, though I don't like running long ester such a long period much prefer to change to a short acting ester at the back end of the cycle. However stick with it as you said lower cycle will still offer you gains, I know guys who have been cyclein Deca 400mg/Sus500mg for years and still make good gains, never increasing doses. Sensible and safe but still affective.

    As ffor the training, I would say you are hitting the muscle groups to often. I mean this in the way that youa re training Chest, Shoulders and Tri's all related muscle groups in short-succession, same with back bi's, this IMO affects recovery and can hinder your w/o......if it isn't then you either recovery very well or your w/o's aren't intense enough.

    I like to keep Chest, Shoulders, Tri's.......back and Bi's well away frome each other, this is obviously near impossible, but I would not hit Tri's the day after chest as they play a role in the chest workout, maybe think about having a days rest in there between your four w./o's.

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