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Thread: My next cycle.

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    My next cycle.

    Starting March 1st I will run this for 4.5 months. Hopefully I will be nicely strong and ripped come July.

    Current stats: 5 "10, 190 lbs, 14-15 %bf.

    I would love for some quality criticism! Something I should add? take away? Lower? higher?
    Please respond all!


    1- 4 Prop @ 500MG
    1- 15 Test E. ICN @ 500MG
    1- 15 EQ @ 600MG

    10-18 Fina @ 75MG/ED
    13-18 Winny @ 50MG/ED
    16-18 Prop @ 700MG/ED

    1- 21 Nolva @ 20MG/ED
    1-18 L.Dex @ 1MG/EOD
    19-21 Clomid you know the drill

    Clen and ECA rotated every 2 weeks.
    I will also run a 42day/6 week cycle of T3 of I haven’t decided at what point yet.

    I was going to use Var for the first 6 weeks but I decided it just wasn’t worth it. Too much money for something so small and extra. The Prop in the first 4 weeks will do fine on its own.

    I am seriously considering adding 250mg of Test E for the first 15 weeks or at least weeks 5-15. wha

    HCG - With all that test and Fina I think usingHCG would be a practical choice. I have come across many different opinions on how to run this but I am not sure how I will use yet.

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    I would drop the winny you have fina in there already....... also drop the EQ to 500mg.

    1- 4 Prop @ 75MG ED
    1- 15 Test E. ICN @ 500MG
    1- 15 EQ @ 500MG
    9 -16 Fina @ 75MG/ED
    16-18 Prop @ 100MG/ED

    1- 18 Nolva @ 10MG/ED
    1-18 L.Dex @ .5MG/ED

    3 days after last Prop injection start PCT: Clomid 100mg ED w/ 20mg Nolva ED.... extend the nolva 7 more days after you finish the clomid
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    Mud your title should read:

    VET-Cycle Master!!!!

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