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    My 2nd Cycle how much anti E's

    I have only taken one cycle and I got gyno, I am real gyno prone since i had it when i was little. I go in for gyno surgurey in 1 month but this is what i have planned for my nexted cycle. 2 bottles of T-100 2 bottles of winstrol (Anabolic St) and 1 bottle of liquid clen . I plan on taking 20mg of nolvaldex ed and after cycle, also i will take some clomid and HCG . Is this enough since i am real gyno prone, Ill do anything to stay away from gyno. I am 5'8 165 around 13% BF. It sounds small but i look a lot bigger. Im not too worried about gaining weight just losing BF and geting ripped. thanks

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    i'd drop .5 mg of liquidex ed throughout your cycle, and up to and through your pct.
    or you could run nolva instead............10-20mg ed throughout.

    peace I4L

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    If I were in your situation I would run liquidex like I4L said. Unlike Nolva, it is an anti-aromitase, and is your best bet for preventing any further gyno.

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