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    Need cycle help please

    I have been on test and deca for 6 weeks
    250mg test a week
    300mg deca a week

    I have 10 ml of enanthate left
    I have 4ml of deca left
    I have 20ml of 50mg winny left

    I need opinions on how to finish that. I'd like to be completely off no later than the end of Feb.

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    up the test for sure, run it 2 cc a wk for last 5 wks, run 1 cc of deca a week(I am assuming 300mg deca) and start winny in 1 wk. Run 50mg eod.
    wk 7-11 test e 500mg
    wk 7-10 deca 300mg
    wk 8-13 winny 50mg eod
    That is prolly your best option. You should have been running more test in the first place. If you can, get another bottle of winny and run 50mg ed. I've run 50mg eod and seen okay results. Good luck. Oh yeah, start pct couple days after last winny shot.

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