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    Winstros Question, Please Read?

    Hey everyone,

    Im gonna be starting a Winny/EQ/Test E cycle in a few days for the big "spring break" thats months away....
    The cycle kinda looks like this

    9 week cycle ( running all of this for 9 weeks)
    50 MG of Winny Everyday
    500 MG of EQ Once A Week
    200 MG of Test E Once A Week (only running low dosage of test to keep the libido drive going, and you need test in this cycle no way around it)

    My question is what type of results do people usually see from Winny, like I read the steroid profile on it, I spoke to alot of people who have taken it, but I want other opinions, will winny help with fat loss? thanks for the imput

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    up the test to 400 bro. Get some ldex and nolva and you won't have to worry about bloat. Cardio is you fat loss friend, not winny. Winny will give you lean muscle gains but not fat loss. A comman urban myth in the uneducated juice realm. Also, break eq up into 2 shots and take test with it. Good luck bro. Hit the cardio and a clean diet and you should be looking good.

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