ok guys,now im getting ready for a BB contest and i am starting from scratch. i need to bulk up just a tad and then shred it up. gear ive used in the past. test cyp,deca and winny. i quite some about roids just from researching like know other and talking to experienced people. but you can never know enough. the contest is going to be i june. i need info on some juice that will help me bulk up and then cut up but wont be detected when contest comes around. im planning on starting in mid febuary.
190lbs......10% bodyfat....6'...working out intense for 3 years...
nice well balanced physique...i dont exactly need to bulk up that much i just want to be at 200lbs w/ 6% bodyfat....i and i know as much as anyone about diet, nutrition and exercise. im just a little weak in the field of anabolics. just a little. i am also a really easy gainer. so if you guys could drop me some posts of what you think would be good (preferably experienced BB) i would greatly appriciate it. you can never know too much...thanx guys