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Thread: testoprim-d

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    Question testoprim-d

    Hey whats up guys? i searched the old posts and couldnt find anything to answer my questions so i thought i would ask. anyway the only experience i have with test is sust 250 from organon in the pre charged pinz. and the testoprim-d my guy got me is in the small glass vials that you have to break open and draw out. my question was how many of those vials would equal lets say 250mgs of sust for instance? and do i have to be concerned about glass getting in the juice when breaking the vials open? i know alot of guys say testoprim hurts like crazy but does anyone have anything good to say about this stuff? like if i was going to do a cycle with sust could i replace it with the testoprim-d and get the same results? thanx in advance guys!!!

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    I use to use testoprim-d a long time ago. It was always more like .75ml per amp insted of 1ml. If I remember correctly, its a blend of enthanate and prop so its not exactly like sus which is a quad blend. I felt like it was a crappy product in my opinion and would not use it again.

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    It's supposed to be 250mg/ml 200mg enan 50mg prop


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