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Thread: better combo??

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    Sigmaguy2 is offline Junior Member
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    Dec 2002

    better combo??

    ok guys....which in your opinion would be a better cycle for some good strength gains and lean mass, and at the same time keeping it simple and worth the price...a 10 week BD test e 500mg & 400mg BD EQ.....or 10wk test e & wk7-12 of 50mg winny ed......just wondering if i could get by with going with the test and winny combo, or would need something else in there.....kinda on a budget
    23...6'0....not sure of bf, but pretty lean already
    first cycle--10wk sust 250....and 20mg dbol naps pretty bad bloat from that, but kept about 8-10lbs
    thanks in advice for any input

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    May 2002
    I like them both. If I was to run the eq it would be in a longer cycle but 10 weeks would be the minimum. I guess I would go with the test/stan. cycle

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    I'd go with test e/Eq. Nice lean mass gains that will be keepable. But i'd run the Eq for 12 weeks and the test for 13. Clomid 2 weeks after last shot of test.

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    the test e winni cycle will give you leaner mass but the eq will cycle will be cheaper plus less injections.

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    i'd go with the test e/eq if you got the money to get some more and run it for longer like 12 weeks....if n ot go with the test e/winny...good luck

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    test and eq..... but as the guys a little longer

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    Sigmaguy2 is offline Junior Member
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    thanks for the help guys......the winny would be tabs by the way, forgot to mention that....the thing with the test and eq......they both come in for just 2 more weeks i would have to order a whole other vial...which would be another $ basically i would be running the eq at 400mg/wk and the test e at 500mg/wk.......unless i bought another 10ml bottle of both.....did that make sense?????just looking for some good strength and lean mass gains, so having said that the eq and test would do the trick for cheaper???

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