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    Two kick starts together??

    Hi, my question is that my next cycle is gonna be 750 sust a week(250mg mon,wed,fri) 300mg deca a week(100mg mon,wed,fri)
    I was going to use d.bol for the first 4 week at about 35mg/day. Ive took several cycles before but when ive used d.bol ive always used test enanthate . Because in this cycle im making more use of the prop, do i need the d.bol??? do you think id see any different results?? any advice is helpful. Im also gonna take proviron 50mg/day.

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    I would still use the D-bol in the cycle.

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    I just started a similar cycle...
    Cyp 800mg wk
    Deca 300mg wk

    I was going to run D-bol for the first 4 weeks, but ended up with a bottle of PROP, so I'm running it instead of the D-bol... I can always start the D-bol when/if I feel like I still need a little more "boost".

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    Two different compounds, two different affects. You will not get the same jump start with Prop that you will with the dbol . Both great at what they can do, but totally different drugs!

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