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Thread: Fina PCT

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    Fina PCT

    Ok so i am getting ready for cycle first was a 12wk sust with a 4 week Dbol at the start..great times!.
    I want to do Fina @75mg eod and winny @50mg ed for 6 weeks. I have done my research and figure this is the best route to go for what i want to acomplish, (alothough many i am sure will disagree) and besides the thought of makin my own gear is just too good to not do ya know. Anyway i was wondering the best PCT for this cycle. I liked my results off the LR Clomid (i say this only b/c alot of my buddies hate clomid and its sides and stick with hcg ) any advice would be great, even if it is on my cycle plan.

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    You will want test in that cycle..... fina is going to shut you down hard and could make for libido problems. Also fina should be shot ED it will keep blood levels stable.

    The best way to make sure you recover easier after the use of fina is to allow test to run 2 weeks past the fina.

    Clomid 100mg for 30 days, Nolva for 37 days, and L-dex for 37 days...... is a good PCT plan after fina

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    What Mud said. But also, if your buddies talk you into HCG , that's fine, but not after - During..(Toward the end)
    And Clomid doesn't have sides.....Blury vision and crying at stupid little things at the drop of a hat like a girl are perfectly normal occurances.......Right?

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