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Thread: upcoming stack

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    upcoming stack

    What do u guys think of this stack?

    Week 1-2 1500mg/week-of sustanon Week 3-4 1000mg/week-of sustanon/5 tabs of d-bol/ed/1cc of test susp/eod
    Week 5-6 750mg /week-of sustanon/5 tabs of d-bol/ed/1cc of test susp/eod
    Week 7-8 500mg /week-ofsustanon/5 tabs of d-bol/ed/1cc of test susp/eod

    thats what im plannig to start next week. please give me you opinion on this thatx.

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    keep the sus @ 750mgs from week 5-8.
    And shoot a half cc of test susp ed.
    Also I'd cut the dbol off in week 4 or 5.

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    Not how I would run it. I dont like the cycling down thing for one. Also susp needs to be taked twice a day not every other day. You are also running dbol for two long dont go past 6 weeks. I would run something like this.

    weeks 1-4 dbol 30mg ed
    weeks 1-14 sust 1.5cc eod
    20mg nolv a day with .25 liquidex.

    use the suspension as a kick start or al the way thru at .5cc twice a day.

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