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    Question about stopping cycle

    I've been taking 40 mg var and 100 mcg/day of t3 for 11 days. Can I stop the T3 right now, or do I need to taper off over the course of 10 days or so? I am having problems with pain in my side and abdomen right beneath my rib cage on the right. I am also suffering terribley on my runs and I am running relatively slow. Can I taper down quicker since I have been on only 10 days?

    I want to cease the t3 as soon as possible to see if that is the cause of my pain/running performance. If that doesn't stop the problem within 2-3 days of stopping t3, I will stop the var and save it for another time.

    Some quick help would be appreciated!

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    From all the ressearch I have done, I would say you should taper it down. I have yet to use it yet, at least for another month or so, so I'll bump this for another's opinion.


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    The faster you taper off the harder it is for thyroid function to return to normal and you run the risk of regaining fat after stopping the t3.

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