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    Aratest and Test Prop Question

    I have a question. I was talking to my friend today and I mentioned to him that I will be starting a cutting cycle consisting of EQ and test prop in a few months. He told me that I shouldn't run test prop if I were doing a cutting cycle because it won't cut me, but would blow me up and bloat me more. I asked him why and he said because he took some aratest a year ago and it bloated him and it has 50 mg of prop in it. I told him it wasn't the prop that bloated him, but it was the other test in the aratest. He STILL insisted that I shouldn't run prop because it will bloat me instead of get me harder. I think someone blew smoke up his tailpipe. My first cycle was test enanthate and deca , and I had some water retention. This cycle I plan to use prop because everybody has told me it is great for cutting and won't bloat me like enanthate and leave the water on me like enanthate did. What you bros think?

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    Yeah generally prop is the test considered not to bloat you as much and is popular for cutting cycles.

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    ya prop is great for cutting cycles!!! u always need test on a cycle

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    So your friend think that 50mg of prop bloated him over the 200mg of enan. His reasoning is a bit off.


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    Yeah like Johnny B said, Aratest is 200mg enan and 50 mg prop, so the water retained was from the enan and the deca you took. Prop is the way to go for cutting. and your friend is a moron.

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