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    Help with shoulder pain???

    I keep getting extreme sholder pain every chest and shoulder workout. Never had it before. this is my 6 week of a good cycle and don't want to take off, but i may have to... it hurts so much i almost want to cry.

    It feels like inflamation. during the workout it doesn't huret, but after a set it hurts like a bitch... the pain is unbareable...

    what do i do???


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    The Iron Game Guest
    With a shoulder injury it is impossible to diagnose over the internet, even if you provided a lot more detail with the problem. You need to be a specialist and find a solution cause it will only get worse otherwise.

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    Taking the advice posted above in mind I'll throw in my 2 cents mate. As a long time suffer'er of a rotator cuff injury I can feel your pain. However during a cycle most rotator cuff injuries cease with the onset of water retention, however you did'nt post your cycle so I can't say anything as regards your cycle.
    Deca is particularly good for joint pains during a cycle, but by the same token winny is know to cause your joints to dry and get painfull !.
    Also I wonder if it's your first cycle and you over done the macho bit and caused an injury, it's not unusual.
    So to sum up, there's many cause's of joint pain and as has been said it's difficult to say whats causing your's.


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    Seeking professional help would be the first step. In the mean time back off on the poundage if you haven't already done so. You may want to ditch all barbell-related presses for a while as well. It forces the joints into an unnatural position during your press and is likely what's causing your pain. You may even have to give up pressing all together until this problem subsides.

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    shoulder pain

    I'll have to agree with everyone that you do need to get professional advice. A common injury related to weightlifters are rotator cuff injuries and acromioclavicular impingement syndrome. Seeing that you are on cycle and this is a recently developed problem, you may have some trouble beyond inflamation. A very good drug to get is called Celebrex which is great for reduction of inflamation. Do reduce your poundage with shoulder and chest exercizes until you can be examined. Remember that when your on cycle, the muscles grow faster than the ligaments and tendons, therin lies the problem as to why so many BB's experience joint related problems. Standard courses of treatment for shoulder injuries are from the conservative with meds and therapy to surgery. Now a days, most shoulder surgery is done arthroscopically and recovery time is quite fast. I have a few good articles on shoulder pain management and I'll send them to you if you'd like. Let me know.

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    bravo....I'd like to take a look at those articles.

    BigDog....are you icing the shoulder down, like in the evenings. That helped me a lot.

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    when you flat bench or incline don't go all the way to your chest. bring your arms down until your tris are parallel to the floor.(maybe 2-3 inches above your chest.)

    Still get it looked at, but for future reference that has made all the difference for me. I had a very serious shoulder surgury not too long ago.

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