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Thread: deca QUESTION?

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    deca QUESTION?

    Im ready to get started i have my, i have this already:

    Duratest E3D (250mg each shot)for 10 weeks
    Anadrol -50 for the first 28 days
    Clomid for PCT

    Ive always used DECA , is it really neccessary for me to go out and spend the money on the DECA to include in this cycle...Will it really make an impact..????

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    It will add more mass to your cycle, but it isn't necessary. The test/anadrol should give you some good gains without the deca .


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    Like Moto said you don't have to but it should increase your gains. Personally I would probably include it but it is up to you.

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    The deca would definately add some more keepable gains to your cycle...but it all depends on what your goals are?

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    Personally, I'm one that LOVES Deca , especially with my Jacked up joints, and it will produce lasting quality mass, evven after the water leaves, but I believe you will grow well with what you have too.

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