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    Question First Cycle......

    I am going on my first cycle, starting Feb. Its a 10 week cycle, Deca /Test Prop. Would it be a bad idea to jump on another cycle 10 weeks after i finish this one. I want to do Equi/Winny next cycle. The reason why i want to jump on antoher cycle is so i can be on something for the summer. After the first cycle i'll be using HCG and Clomid. So sould i wait longer than 10 weeks, or should that be fine? Thanks Guys

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    The general rule is time on time off...

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    It's your first cycle bro...slow down. Do 10 weeks and then take 10 weeks off to let your receptors re-fresh and re-charge. The general rule is time on should be = to time off. Some guys stay on year round with small bridging stacks in between programs...but I definately would not recommend this for a beginner. That's why it's reffered to as "CYCLING".

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