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    2ND D-BOL/Sustanon 250 cycle

    Hey Im going for my second cycle my first consisted of:

    sustanon 8 weeks 500 mg's a week+ plus d-bol 6 weeks 20 to 30 mg's max.

    I had desent results, would of been better if my work out and diet were in better order. Know it has been a while from my first cycle diet workout are in order Im planning on running the same cycl exept upping the sust to 750 a week dbol the same. For 10 weeks (dbol only six). What would be better for keeping gains anadrol or dbol and is there a better test someone could recomend to stack could use the info? again Im going for ability to keep gains

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    Well, your gains will depend on how your PCT goes. I would suggest running the DBOL for only 4 weeks. Since your extending the cycle, you might want to stick with 500mg of Sust. You said you now have a better workout/eating routine down. Those two along with sleep are the most important. No steroid in the world will help you unless you feed your body constantly. You will need to put down at least 1.5g of protein per body weight.

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    Just like BLT need to up the dosing yet!

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    yeah, no need to up doses. stick with 500mg a wk for 10 wks. dbol for only wks 1-4.

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