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    here i am being a dumbass....

    ok heres the plan for the cycle i am currently on(changed it)

    wks 2-10 sust 500mgs/wk
    wks1-8 deca 300mgs/wk
    nolva just in case i have symptoms
    clomid for PCT
    PS the reason i didnt start sus with deca is b/c i didnt have it for one and for another i was f'n stupid and didnt think, so now i am on it all!

    I just want to thank you guys for everything I am a week and a hlaf in and i just feel so strong and i have gained 7 pounds!! Mostly due to my new diet i eat at least 5 times a day not including shakes and i tell you what ABB XXL is good chit for weight gain/protein(1000 cals a serving)

    I dont mind being a little chubby so this is my first cycle ill cut on the next!

    Once agin thanks guys i look so far into everything that deals with AS now b/c of you all.

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    nothing kicked in yet except the prop
    Just sit back and enjoy the ride...

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    glad to hear you've got things figured out keep us posted as to how your doing

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGFuryZ
    Bro, either extend the deca out to 10 weeks, or extend both drugs to 12 weeks. @ 8 weeks, you're wasting your time with deca. Also, since you're running Sust, you'll need to inject EOD to get the full benefits. Also, since Sust is such a heavily-esterfied oil, you're getting nowhere near 500mg/wk when you're injecting "500mg". If you want 500mg/wk, you should inject 750mg/wk, which makes your injections easier, because then you could just inject 250mg EOD...

    I would have to disagree with you on either extend the deca to 10 weeks or hes wasting his time cause I have done real short cycles in the past and it worked really well for me and others I know, now if you had something like eq you would be wasting your time but from my experiences I think a 8 week cycle of deca and test is ok but 10 is better but hes not wasting his time. I personally run longer cycles than I have in the past mainly cause I have had eq in my cycle a lot. I ran a cycle 18 weeks with eq/enan/deca(to lube my joints) and winny last cycle and it was great.

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    Bro good luch and enjoy the ride....suggestion log it in ths members cycles so to free up the board a little more

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    Dont worry about taking sust eod. There is only one ester that wont be as effictive, when calculated, its only 12% of all the sust. Do it 2 times a week.

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